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From Rick McGuire <>
Subject Connector and Bean Validation support.
Date Thu, 07 Oct 2010 16:42:56 GMT
  I've finally gotten the code I've been working on for adding Bean 
Validation support to the Geronimo connector component working well 
enough that the server will come up.  I've attached patches to the Jira 
showing what I've changed.

I'd love a review and comments from anybody who has time to look at 
this.  I also have a couple of questions about whether this is complete 
enough or not:

1)  In general, I've added the validation code to the connector 
component.  Each of the bean wrapper classes now takes an optional 
ValidatorFactory instance and uses that be validate the object instance 
before it is started.  The one exception to this is the AdminObject 
beans.  The AdminObjectWrapper class only exists in Geronimo and is 
directly a GBean.  For the other object types, the wrapper class is 
implemented in the connector component, and the Geronimo code subclasses 
the wrapper to make it into a GBean and adds the additional GBean 
lifecycle methods.  I'm thinking that the AdminObjectWrapper class 
should be refactored the same way so that these objects are also 
directly validated by the connector component.  That is, much of the 
existing AdminObjectWrapper should be moved to the connector component, 
and then Geronimo will create an appropriate GBean wrapper for the object.

2)  I see that OpenEJB has a bit of code that deals with 
ActivationSpecs.  Do these OpenEJB ActivationSpec instances get wrapped 
up with ActivationSpecWrappers on the Geronimo side, or is there some 
additional validation support that needs to be implemented inside of 
OpenEJB?  I don't have a very clear picture on how things interoperate 
at this level.


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