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Subject Come and see the new web site dedicated to the contemporary art promotion.
Date Tue, 05 Oct 2010 00:28:43 GMT presents :


Painter François Boucheix was born on January, 7 1940 in Montcheneix, a small village at
the foot of the Auvergne Mounts, in the district of Rochefort Montagne, from farmers whose
family had been living in the Auvergne for centuries. He lost his father at the age of 15,
and has to learn a job far from his artistic ambitions. Despite the day's intense work, he
spends his evenings, part of his nights and holidays painting. In those days, most painters
were still coming from whealthy or intellectual families.

He first exhibits in February 1960 in Tunisia, then in provincial France, particularly in
the Auvergne and in Southern France. He came forward in Paris in 1964, during a great exhibition
in the Galerie de Sèvres, where he met Bernard BELLAÏCHE. From 1962 to 1972 he regularly
exhibited in this gallery, especially with LEBASQUE, OTHON FRIEZ, DIGNIMONT, CRAU SALA, P.
BOUDET, and Madeleine LUKA. Bernard BELLAÏCHE introduced him to DALI. From 1964 to 1972 he
exhibited in the Galerie de Sèvres (Paris Left Bank) and from 1978 to 1988, in the Galerie
Guigné (Paris Right Bank).
In 1965, he met in the Galerie de Sèvres Georges GIRAUDON, writer and art critic for many
newspapers, art counselor for great collectors and old friend of Breton's, himself a friend
of many surrealists'. It was Georges GIRAUDON who introduced François Boucheix to several
art dealers such as Y. JAUBERT, Paulette and Angelo GUIGNI, etc.

It was after an exhibition called 'From DALI to BOUCHEIX', with paintings by MEISSONNIER that
he decided to become a surrealist of dream and happiness and not a sad surrealist.

He also met in the Galerie de Sèvres Yasmine d'OUEZAN, a great friend of Parisian high society's
arts at that time. In the summertime, from 1970 to 1974, Suzanne BERTILLON came to rest at
François Boucheix's in Royat; she was a friend of FOUGITA's, helped ZADKIN much, and lived
the great years of Montparnasse.

Since then, François Boucheix has worked for the best dealers and galleries, and has exhibited
all over the world :
1974 : Galerie Matignon, Av. Matignon Paris 8th, 1975 : Galerie Weil, Av. Matignon Paris 8th,
1976 : Galerie Laurens, Av. Matignon Paris 8th, 1977 : Retrospective Vichy Grand Casino's
1978-1989 : Galerie Guigné, Fg St-Honoré Paris 8th, 1989 : Galerie Bernheim, Fg St-Honoré
Paris 8th, from 1989 to 1999 in the lounges of the Hotel Georges V, Av. Georges V Paris 8th
where, in 1990, he celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of his first exhibition, and his first
book's publication, with a foreword by Roger PEYREFITTE, in presence of many personnalities
such as the Count of Paris or Emperor BAODAI.
>From 1990 to 1994, Cours des Antiquaires, Fg St-Honoré Paris 8th. He also exhibited in
Basel, Geneva, Zurich, Beyrouth, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Rome, Caracas, Riyadh, Jeddah, Boston,
Chicago, Beijing, Brussells, Luxemburg, Dubai, etc.

In 2002, François Boucheix made his first sculptures after sculptor César's advice.

In 2007, François Boucheix's Surrealistic Museum opened its gates in Vichy, at the heart
of one of France's most beautiful cities, with its prestigious architecture. In just a few
years, thousands of people, personnalities and the international media have already visited
this museum, a must-see in the cultural world. (see website

Loved or hated, one can recognize a great master in painting without needing his signature
: BUFFET, CARZOU, MODIGLIANI, DALI, MIRO, BOUCHEIX. This last has created thousands of canvas,
in the valley of Royat, for half a century. They are at present in numerous private or public
collections all over the world.

François Boucheix is, without any doubt, one of the great worldwide-renowed painters the
Auvergne was waiting for.  



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