Hmm, I missed that section, seems we only need to support the managed bean injection for those added dynamic. By the way, what makes you feel confusion ?

2010/9/3 David Jencks <>
Hi Ivan,

I'm having a little trouble understanding the servlet 3 spec section but I think that it says we don't need to look for the jndi related annotations.  What do you think?

david jencks

On Sep 2, 2010, at 2:31 AM, Ivan wrote:

> Hi,
>     Yesterday, I just releaized that we might have a problem for servlet 3.0, in the new spec, it allows to add new servlets while starting the web application. In that case, how do we handle the bean scope naming context, seems we have no chance to build the naming context for that servlet, e.g. an EJB annotation, So far, I have not find words for it the spec, might need to double check it later.  Any comment ?
>     Thanks !
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> Ivan