Hi devs,

I have an OSGi related portlet and hope can commit to trunk, but before that, there are a couple of issues need your insight.
Currently, this portlet have 2 functions:
One is to view all the bundles installed in karaf framework and their status,  menifest, etc.
The other one is user can use it to install bundles into karaf. However, I am uncertain if we should provide this function to end users. Because in spite of we can install bundles by using "geronimo run" and go into the karaf shell, it seems we intentionally hide the karaf shell to users and don't recommend user to do that. Then, should we provide the "install bundle" function in web console?

To make our console work better/easier with dojo/ajax, we might re-bundle the json lib and build it with our server.
The new OSGi portlets and some other potential pages(Shawn ever talked with me about this) need consume it to code easily.
Is there any issue you foresee about this? I have viewed the license of json at http://www.json.org/license.html, seems it is very friendly.

Lei Wang (Rex)
rwonly AT apache.org