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From Ivan <>
Subject Re: Do we need to support ManagedBean annotation ?
Date Wed, 29 Sep 2010 06:52:16 GMT
I will work on it,  like what we do in web container,  the jsf deployer will
generate a all-in-one faces.xml file, including all the fragment xml and

2010/9/15 Ivan <>

> Hi,
>     Currently, all the annotation scan is done by Myfaces while starting
> the application, which means those managed bean with any naming injection
> will not work.  The interesting thing is that there is no word for the
> ManagedBean annotation in the jsf spec and we pass all the jsf tck cases,
> after googled, got some history info for that anntation class, also find
> some descriptions from the api doc below :
> --->
> These javadoc files constitute the “Faces Managed Bean Annotation
> Specification for Containers Conforming to Servlet 2.5 and Beyond”
> At the time of this writing, a forthcoming JCP effort is being planned to
> extract the specification for managed beans from JSF and place it into its
> own specification. To account for this effort and to avoid introducing
> classes into JSF 2.0 that would have to be deprecated when this effort is
> complete, implementations of JSF 2.0 are not required to implement the
> “Faces Managed Bean Annotation Specification for Containers Conforming to
> Servlet 2.5”. However, JSF implementations are strongly encouraged to
> implement this specification, as it provides significant improvements in
> ease of use.
> The annotations must be processed as specified in section JSF.11.5.1.
> <---
> It seems that it is not required to support ManagedBean annotation in the
> impl, and guess that is why we did not get any error in the jsf tck :-)
> So I am thinking whether we need to support this in Geronimo, and actually,
> once we integrated the web beans, it should be able to use web bean
> annotations.
> Thoughts ?
> --
> Ivan


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