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From Shawn Jiang <>
Subject Re: [Discussion] WAB Deployment Way
Date Sun, 26 Sep 2010 04:52:05 GMT
At least,  if we decide not to support WAB deployment there,  we need to
give a meaning warning and reject the deployment when the users try to
deploy WAB with "console deployer" or "deploy deploy"

On Sun, Sep 26, 2010 at 12:50 PM, Shawn Jiang <> wrote:

> On Wed, Sep 22, 2010 at 10:29 AM, viola lu <> wrote:
>> From, currenlty WAB
>> is deployed via osgi: install, or packaged in EAB , then deployed via admin
>> console. If it's deployed via admin console, it's recognized as WAR, shall
>> we keep current way in future? Or will enable WBA deployment via admin
>> console and deployer tool?
> I think we should not support deploy WAB from "admin console depoyer" or
> "deploy deploy" command.   Because the users need to know what's the real
> type of the application they want to deploy before deciding which deployment
> method to use.
> Just like the current differences between  "deploy deploy" and "deploy
> install-plugin".   Though, sometime,  a plugin is also a kind of WAR.   We
> need to use "deploy install-plugin" instead of "deploy deploy" to deploy a
> car.
> Maybe we could add an option "deploy install-wab"  to the current deploy
> command,   thoughts ?
>> Also there is another question here: WAB is a bundle, its classpath can be
>> set via bundle classpath or use default classpath( classes keep the same
>> level with WEB-INF:,  but it's also a JavaEE application, whose default
>> classpath is "classes or lib are under the subfolder of WEB-INF, this is
>> defined in RFC 66. If as definition in RFC 66, osgi: install won't load
>> classes under WEB-INF in WAB. Or shall we support both?
>> Welcome comments!Thanks in advance!
>> --
>> viola
> --
> Shawn


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