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From Ivan <>
Subject Do we need to support ManagedBean annotation ?
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2010 23:58:44 GMT
    Currently, all the annotation scan is done by Myfaces while starting the
application, which means those managed bean with any naming injection will
not work.  The interesting thing is that there is no word for the
ManagedBean annotation in the jsf spec and we pass all the jsf tck cases,
after googled, got some history info for that anntation class, also find
some descriptions from the api doc below :

These javadoc files constitute the “Faces Managed Bean Annotation
Specification for Containers Conforming to Servlet 2.5 and Beyond”

At the time of this writing, a forthcoming JCP effort is being planned to
extract the specification for managed beans from JSF and place it into its
own specification. To account for this effort and to avoid introducing
classes into JSF 2.0 that would have to be deprecated when this effort is
complete, implementations of JSF 2.0 are not required to implement the
“Faces Managed Bean Annotation Specification for Containers Conforming to
Servlet 2.5”. However, JSF implementations are strongly encouraged to
implement this specification, as it provides significant improvements in
ease of use.

The annotations must be processed as specified in section JSF.11.5.1.

It seems that it is not required to support ManagedBean annotation in the
impl, and guess that is why we did not get any error in the jsf tck :-)
So I am thinking whether we need to support this in Geronimo, and actually,
once we integrated the web beans, it should be able to use web bean
Thoughts ?


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