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2010/8/2 Vamsavardhana Reddy <>

Delos, you now have the required PMC votes.

On Fri, Jul 23, 2010 at 4:58 PM, Delos <> wrote:
This voting is for mavenized tomcat 6.0.29. Following what we did to tomcat 6.0.20, we are using a forked copy of tomcat derived from the tomcat 6.0.29 release, built with maven, with maven dependencies, etc etc. Besides, we also applied some patches which haven't been included in tomcat 6.0.29.

Based on tomcat 6.0.29 tag, I also applied another couple of patches:

GERONIMO-3451 'Restricted listeners property file not found' error logged during Tomcat server startup
GERONIMO-4685 Include patches for revision #790742

Staging repo:

svn tag at:

[ ] +1 go for it
[ ] 0
[ ] -1 whoa, hold on a minute

Vote open 72 hours

thanks a lot!

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