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2010/8/23 Kevan Miller <>

On Aug 19, 2010, at 11:17 PM, David Jencks wrote:

> This isn't enough information for me.
> What do you want to do with the information that, for instance, a karaf instance started but no geronimo bundles were started?  You have no idea how to contact this karaf instance with this information, nor any information about what it can do.

I think we should target our common/intended use cases, which IMO is running geronimo *servers*, not karaf instances...
    I agree running karaf instance doesn't means a geronimo server is running. My solution only tells status of karaf instance, but it's enough for me, I think. 

> I don't think we should support this. I can understand trying to communicate with a server that can do something, but  not detecting that a jvm started with some stuff running that has no way to communicate with the outside world.
> Maybe if you explain your goals I'll start thinking this might be useful....

IIUC, Rex wants to be able to detect running instances of Geronimo servers. This could be used by install/uninstall programs or other management tools for administering Geronimo servers.

Personally, I'd like to understand what this code would look like. Is a patch available?
    You may find a initial patch of my solution.

I think our handling of multiple server instances could be improved. Aids to help with the creation, configuration, and control of server instances. Capturing information about running server instances might help us with some of these issues...


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