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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Policy for granting access to Geronimo TCK materials
Date Wed, 11 Aug 2010 12:07:14 GMT
Our policy for granting access to the Geronimo TCK test harness is described here --

The policy describes a 72 hour waiting period when granting non-Geronimo committers read-only
access to our TCK test harness. This period was intended to allow the Geronimo PMC time to
provide oversight on these requests. Presumably, a PMC member could block someone's request
(though this has never occurred and I can't, frankly, imagine a case where we would block
someone's request). If we had our preference, our TCK test harness would not be in a private
svn. It would instead be publicly readable by all.

I would like to remove the 72 hour waiting period from our policy. If an ASF committer requests
access to our test harness, I believe we should grant this access immediately.

The 72 hour waiting period might have been more meaningful when the Geronimo project maintained
and distributed the Sun (now Oracle) TCK. As a reminder, these materials are obtained via
an agreement between the ASF and Sun/Oracle. To gain access to these materials, an ASF committer
must sign an NDA. We still maintain/distribute the Sun/Oracle TCK for Java EE 5. However,
the JCP project is maintaining the newer TCK materials. The JCP does not have a waiting period
for granting access to the JCP maintained TCK materials.

Comments? Objections? If I don't hear any objections, I'll plan on updating our policy and
removing the 72 hour window...

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