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From Delos <>
Subject How to detect status of server instance?
Date Tue, 17 Aug 2010 08:45:07 GMT
For some reasons, we often need to know if there is a running server
instance. By establishing a connection to a specific port such as 1099,  we
may get the status of server. However, the method doesn't work if default
port number is changed, especially in multi-instances scenario. In
multi-instances scenario, we hope to know if any instance is running.

Below is my thoughts about the solution. Any comments or suggestions, please
feel free to tell me. It will be appreciated if any better solution could be

Possible solution:

We may create flag file for each instance and lock the file with
FileChannel.lock()  when a server instance is starting up. It will be
unlocked and deleted when the server is stopped. Unlocking will be
automatically done when JVM exits; deleting the file can be done in shutdown
hook in FrameworkLauncher.launch().

In this way, if any flag file has been locked, we may deduce that there is
at least one running server instance; if no locked files found, we may think
all server instances are stopped. We can put all the flag files in a same
directory for us to track.

Best Regards,


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