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From Rex Wang <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Geronimo web profile 3.0 startup time
Date Fri, 20 Aug 2010 09:00:43 GMT
2010/8/18 Ivan <>

> Agree to use some professional tools ...
> I have to say sorry to ApplicationJNDI gbeans, the root cause of startup
> time is due to the jaxb unmarshall of the web.xml file  :-(
> Due to the Servlet 3.0, we need to calculate the security constraints while
> starting the web applications, so I parse the web.xml file again in the
> staring process, and seems it takes some time even with a simple web.xml
> file. The first idea jumped to my mind is to serialize the WebApp object in
> the config.ser file, but those jaxb class are not serializable. So.
> currently, I am thinking to create some internal objects required for
> securiy calculation, mightbe like those info objects in OpenEJB. So, we
> could rapid those web applications.
> Thoughts ? For this is not a block issue, I will add it on the plan list.
> By the way, I also found that currently, it takes a long time to do the
> deployment, even a simple web application, sometimes, it might need two or
> three minutes, does anyone find it ?
Does it always occur or just in a special situation. I tried deploying a web
app in console and it seems normal. Does your web app contain some special


> 2010/8/17 David Jencks <>
>> On Aug 16, 2010, at 6:25 PM, Ivan wrote:
>> > Hi
>> >     Recently, I looked at a little about the Geronimo web-profile 3.0
>> startup time, comparing with the 2.2 release, the components below takes
>> more time :
>> >     a. Start up Tomcat container, it took 3s while 2s in the past. At
>> first glance at it, it is caused by TomcatServerGBean, guess that it is due
>> to the new Tomcat 7, will double check it later.
>> >     b. ApplicationJndi GBean is also an issue, for the simple
>> remote-deploy-webapplication, it tooks more than 3s to startup the
>> ApplicationJndi GBean.
>> >     c. System-database also takes 11s at the first time startup, and it
>> should be caused by some DB initialization work, we might try to do some
>> initialization work in the building time.
>> >
>> >     Generally speaking, the most problem is for the item b, not sure why
>> it took so much time for the jndi building, I have not checked it, anyone
>> has ideas on it ? Another thing is that, in the past, I have some concern
>> for the bundle copying, but currently, it seems that it does not affect the
>> startup time too much :-)
>> I think (b) is caused by something in xbean-naming federation code.
>>  Overall the xbean-naming federation seems to be quite slow.  I haven't
>> investigated why.  It seems to be fairly hard to write a working jndi
>> implementation and there aren't really any tests for what it should do
>> AFAIK.  I think the jndi implementation in openejb has some better design
>> choices: the main one is that the Context implementation is clearly
>> separated from the actual jndi tree data.  I don't know if we'll have time
>> to try to speed this up before 3.0, but at least we know a little bit about
>> where a major problem is.
>> For (c) I wonder if derby is doing more work than it needs to.  Are we on
>> an up to date version of derby?
>> It's great to have this info about what is taking too much startup time
>> even if we can't do much about it right now.
>> thanks
>> david jencks
>> >
>> > --
>> > Ivan
> --
> Ivan

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