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From viola lu <>
Subject [Discussion]Add more context level configurations for Tomcat
Date Tue, 31 Aug 2010 06:21:15 GMT
Hi, dev:
 I am working on the "Add more context level configurations for Tomcat"
Currently geronimo supports : work-dir, cross-context,
cookies(disablecookies), docbase, path(context-path),allowlinking, after
going through tomcat 7.0 context configuration page:, here I list
what I think we should add:

   - logEffectiveWebXml
   - useHttpOnly
   - cacheMaxSize
   - cacheObjectMaxSize
   - cachingAllowed
   - unloadDelay

Now there are two ways to add these context support:

   1. add these context configuration as elements one by one in
   geronimo-tomcat-2.0.1.xsd, and then map them with GBean paramters.
   2. add all context  configuration as one attribute in
   geronimo-tomcat-2.0.1.xsd, for example,

<xs:attribute name="context-options" type="xs:string" use="optional">
and filter this attribute avoiding any side effect, then map every
configuration with corrresponding Gbean paramters.

The first one make code clear, the second one is easy for end-users to
configure context in geronimo-web.xml for web apps.

Appreciate if you have any comments.


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