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From Delos <>
Subject Re: How to detect status of server instance?
Date Mon, 23 Aug 2010 07:48:33 GMT
Thanks David & Kevan!

See my reply in blue.

2010/8/23 Kevan Miller <>

> On Aug 19, 2010, at 11:17 PM, David Jencks wrote:
> > This isn't enough information for me.
> >
> > What do you want to do with the information that, for instance, a karaf
> instance started but no geronimo bundles were started?  You have no idea how
> to contact this karaf instance with this information, nor any information
> about what it can do.
> I think we should target our common/intended use cases, which IMO is
> running geronimo *servers*, not karaf instances...
    I agree running karaf instance doesn't means a geronimo server is
running. My solution only tells status of karaf instance, but it's enough
for me, I think.

> >
> > I don't think we should support this. I can understand trying to
> communicate with a server that can do something, but  not detecting that a
> jvm started with some stuff running that has no way to communicate with the
> outside world.
> >
> > Maybe if you explain your goals I'll start thinking this might be
> useful....
> IIUC, Rex wants to be able to detect running instances of Geronimo servers.
> This could be used by install/uninstall programs or other management tools
> for administering Geronimo servers.
> Personally, I'd like to understand what this code would look like. Is a
> patch available?
    You may find a initial patch of my solution.

> I think our handling of multiple server instances could be improved. Aids
> to help with the creation, configuration, and control of server instances.
> Capturing information about running server instances might help us with some
> of these issues...
>     Agree.

> --kevan

Best Regards,


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