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From Rick McGuire <>
Subject Retrieving the ValidatorFactory JNDI entry for a module context.
Date Thu, 26 Aug 2010 15:26:04 GMT
  I'm trying to implement the bean validation feature described in 
section EE.6.27 of the Java EE 6 specification.  This requires that the 
web container set a property named 
"javax.faces.validator.beanValidator.ValidatorFactory" in the 
ServletContext.  I know where this should be set, but I'm having 
problems getting access to the ValidatorFactory instance that I need to 
satisfy this requirement.

For example, I've tried adding the following code to TomcatContainer to 
set this property:

         // now set the module context ValidatorFactory in a context property.
         try  {
             javax.naming.Context  ctx  =contextInfo.getJndiContext();
             Object  validatorFactory  =ctx.lookup("java:comp/ValidatorFactory");
         }catch  (NamingException  e) {
              // ignore.  We just don't set the property if it's not available.

This results in a NamingException, which probably means that 
contextInfo.getJndiContext() is not the correct place to retrieve this 
or the context has not yet been set up correctly.  I've also tried using 
an InitialContext to do the lookup with the same result.  I had a 
similar problem with Jetty where I tried using

         try  {
             javax.naming.Context  ctx  =integrationContext.getComponentContext();
             Object  validatorFactory  =ctx.lookup("java:comp/ValidatorFactory");

to lookup the factory.  How should I be obtaining this value when 
setting up the container?

I have a similar issue with passing the ValidatorFactory when setting up 
the JPA provider.  The call to createContainerEntityManagerFactory() is 
made in constructor of the PersistenceUnitGBean.  In that context, how 
should the lookup for the ValidatorFactory instance for the module be 


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