As part of GEP, maven-eclipsepde-plugin helps to convert eclipse plugins to maven dependencies and add them into artifact dependency list. So without it, GEP can't be compiled successfully. The plugin is in version 1.0. But now, some new requirements come out that the plugin didn't take into account before. I'm afraid we have to update the plugin to accommodate new requirements.

1) Eclipse on Mac
There are two edition of eclipse on Mac, carbon and cocoa. From Eclipse 3.6,  only cocoa is supported. But maven-eclipsepde-plugin can only recognize carbon eclipse on Mac, so we have to fix it to make GEP build successfully on Mac. You may see details in 

2)Optional bundles
There are some optional required bundles in MANIFEST.MF for some extended functions, such as TPTP and Free Aires Tools. They're not mandatory for GEP and actually GEP don't need these bundles in build process. They're marked as "optional" because user may get these extra plugins by themselves for some advanced functions. So these optional bundles shouldn't block the build process of GEP. Unfortunately, current maven-eclipsepde-plugin does block GEP build process because of these optional bundles.

Because of these new requirements, I suggest we release an updated maven-eclipsepde-plugin with version 1.1. Any objection? 

Best Regards,