Thanks,Rick! Could you also help to take a look at another thread for GEP 2.1.6 voting?

2010/7/16 Rick McGuire <>

On 7/6/2010 12:18 PM, Delos wrote:
Hi everyone, Please review and vote on the release of the Geronimo Eclipse Plugin 3.0M1 *RC2*.

*Note*: Now, GEP 3.0M1 can only build on Windows and Linux, but fail to build on Mac. Because eclipse 3.6 no longer support carbon and maven-eclipsepde-plugin doesn't support new cocoa package,  GEP can't build successfully on Mac until a new maven-eclipsepde-plugin is released. It's not a problem of GEP itself, so I think it's not a big issue blocking the release. Please see GERONIMODEVTOOLS-649 <> for details.

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