Thanks, Donald! 

For the "Download" menu, Bill thought it should be obvious to users. So we add the top menu in eclipse. Do you have any other ideas for this?

You're right, the osgi tools is only applicable for 3.6, I think we can disable the menu in eclipse 3.5.

Thanks again!

2010/7/13 Donald Woods <>
+1  Was able to build the tag on Win7, use the built update site to
install GEP into a clean Eclipse 3.5.2 using Java 1.6.0 and start/stop a
Geronimo 3.0-M1 Tomcat assembly.

Some thoughts - I don't like how we add a new Download menu in the
Eclipse IDE, considering the Download Servers option is available when
creating a new Server runtime and the link to the OSGi tools is only
applicable to 3.6 users.


On 7/6/10 12:18 PM, Delos wrote:
> Hi everyone, Please review and vote on the release of
> the Geronimo Eclipse Plugin 3.0M1 *RC2*.
> *Note*: Now, GEP 3.0M1 can only build on Windows and Linux, but fail to
> build on Mac. Because eclipse 3.6 no longer support carbon and
> maven-eclipsepde-plugin doesn't support new cocoa package,  GEP can't
> build successfully on Mac until a new maven-eclipsepde-plugin is
> released. It's not a problem of GEP itself, so I think it's not a big
> issue blocking the release. Please see GERONIMODEVTOOLS-649
> <> for details.
> <>
> The tag is here:
> If you would like to review and/or comment on the release notes, they
> are here:
> Finally, I've created a Staging Site that can be used to test the update
> manager functions (i.e., p2 in Halios or Galileo) of Eclipse for
> downloading the GEP itself.
> Please let me know if there are any questions and/or problems.
> --
> Best Regards,
> Delos

Best Regards,