Hi all, Please review and vote on the release of the Geronimo Eclipse Plugin 2.1.6 RC1. GEP 2.1.6 supports Geronimo server 2.1.6 and Eclipse 3.6.

Note: Now, GEP 2.1.6 can only build on Windows and Linux, but fail to build on Mac. Because eclipse 3.6 no longer support carbon and maven-eclipsepde-plugin doesn't support new cocoa package,  GEP can't build successfully on Mac until a new maven-eclipsepde-plugin is released. It's not a problem of GEP itself, so I think it's not a big issue blocking the release. Please see GERONIMODEVTOOLS-649 for details. 

The source code zip is here:


The deployable zip file is here:


The update site zip file is here:


Finally, I've created a Staging Site that can be used to test the update manager functions (i.e., p2 in Halios or Galileo) of Eclipse for downloading the GEP itself. 


Please let me know if there are any questions and/or problems.

Best Regards,