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From Adrian Trenaman <>
Subject RE: Shared bundle repository
Date Tue, 13 Jul 2010 12:13:50 GMT
Hmmm. You're right - this might be tricky territory; particularly as Charles mentioned concerning
bundling of non-Apache-Licensed bundles. The common-ground project would need create/distribute
bundles under a selection of licenses. Still, there's got to be a way!

Perhaps the best home for this might be as a sub-project of the Karaf or Felix project? This
would keep the repository tied to a neutral ground. As I think about it, Karaf might be best,
as the resulting bundles would work with Felix or Equinox or whatever OSGi distribution is
being used.

From: Guillaume Nodet []
Sent: 13 July 2010 11:47
To: dev; dev
Subject: Re: Shared bundle repository

Yeah, I wasn't suggesting a subproject of SMX or Geronimo.  I think
there are other projects like Ace, Sling, Aries that could contribute
to that too.  So definitely a common ground would be a good idea.
I'm not sure if the board would approve a project solely for releasing
third party libraries though ...

On Tue, Jul 13, 2010 at 12:28 PM, Adrian Trenaman <> wrote:
> Hi Guillaume,
> I think a shared repository for OSGi bundles at Apache would be great; far better to
have one well-known place with lots of activity around it rather than have multiple repositories
each being only partly maintained in an ad-hoc manner.
> Rather than have this as a sub-project of either SMX or Geronimo, why not create a new
Apache project for this?
> Best,
> Ade.
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> From: Guillaume Nodet []
> Sent: 13 July 2010 11:05
> To: dev; dev
> Subject: Shared bundle repository
> I guess we're not the only projects at Apache doing that, but at least
> we do it the same way.
> I wonder if we could cooperate more closely and have a common ground
> for releasing such bundles and making them available to others.
> I think having a single point to find OSGi bundles would be a great
> benefit for all OSGi-fied projects at Apache and also for the
> downstream users.
> Thoughts ?
> Btw, I'm just starting this thread because I've seen Rick is in the
> process of releasing some bundles in Geronimo ...
> --
> Cheers,
> Guillaume Nodet
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