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From "" <>
Subject Geronimo 2.2.2 automation test code review against openejb clusters
Date Mon, 19 Jul 2010 11:32:19 GMT

Hi, dev:
 To save our test efforts,  i already automate tests againstopenejb three
ways of clusters: mulitcast, multipoint, singlepoint in geronimo 2.2.2, but
need your review and after that,  i will open jiras , and contribute it to
our test suites. Here i attached multicast automation test code, which is
same with other two.You just build geornimo 2.2.2., then go to mulicast
folder to run mvn clean integration-test or mvn clean install. My design is:
1.Create two servers with maven ant plugin which will copy servers from
geornimo tomcat javaee assemly and overridde
to each server
2.Start two server instances , deploy loadbean to two servers, run ejb
client against two: failover:ejbd://,ejbd://"
3.Stop one server and run ejb client again. It still work, just on warning:
one server down.

There is one weakness here : configuration is set by copy and overwrite via
ant build.xml, so if geronimo server configuration is changed, we should
have to update our configuration file too. I intended to utilize
car-maven-plugin, but fail. if someone can provide a better idea, thanks in
advance! And as maven doesn't support distribution environment, so this test
case doesn't test across serveral physical machine.

Welcome any comments. Thanks in advance!

More details.
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