Yes, I think it is replaced by tomcat-archetype while creating the Tomcat project, in the last release, I guess that I manually recovered those values to ${version}.
Personally, I think it is acceptable, the values in the property files would show on the page while some errors are occured.

2010/6/1 Joe Bohn <>

I took a look.  The only unusual thing that I noticed was a reference to the SNAPSHOT version still ( in catalina.  But I'm not sure how critical this is.

It is in the catalina jar pom.xml and and is actually set in the as a result of the pom entry.  So, IIUC, we should have changed the catalina/pom.xml prior to the release for   It looks like this wasn't a problem in because it used ${version} which would have been a better solution. Does anybody know the significance of this?


On 5/24/10 2:21 AM, Ivan wrote:
Please vote for Geronimo Customized Tomcat
a. Recently, Tomcat community has begun their vote for Tomcat 7 RC 3, so
current version should be a more stable one.
b. About the license issues found in the vote for Geronimo Tomcat, as those files have been donated, so they are properly under
ASL 2.0. At this time, no files are removed explictly.
c. If the vote could be passed on time, I would like use this version in
M1 branch.

 Vote will be open for 72 hours.

 [ ] +1  approve
 [ ] +0  no opinion
 [ ] -1  disapprove (and reason why)

Staging repo:

Source repo:


I have run the servlet/JSP TCK, at least, the failed cases should not
caused by Tomcat codes itself.

The codes until rev 947397 are merged from Tomcat 7.0 trunk.