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From chi runhua <>
Subject [Discussion] How to display help informations on the Console
Date Sun, 13 Jun 2010 08:53:53 GMT
Hi devs,

I noticed that there are 2 different styles to display help information on
the Admin Console:
   a.  Using help.jsp  when coding  and you can only see it after clicking
the question mark on the top-right corner of the portlet, meanwhile, you
lose the focus but can come back after another click <-; for example EJB
Server portlet
   b.  Put the help message on the portlet together with those fields, users
can refer to the description and input the correct value at the same time,
which is more clear and efficient, such as database pool wizard.   But if
there are lots of fields on the panel, the UI could be a mess and

What about we try to unify the style of help infos and improving it in the
coming CE 3.0?

Here are a few of thoughts for discussion:

       1.  For the fields requires user selection, they should have a
default value ready;
       2.  Labels must be consistent across the console;
       3.  For each portlet, we should have a description directly on the
top to summarize its major features;
       4.  For the fields requires user input, an example should be provided
right below instead of its detailed description;
       5.  For checkboxes, we should use hover help to introduce its usage;
       6.  For the description of each field, use help.jsp when coding, but
we should use pop-up panel;
       7.  Document should be connected with the console more closely, for
example, users can refer to document about tasks related to the current
portlet instantly instead of googling by themselves.

Any comments?

Jeff C

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