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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Running the Aries Samples under Geronimo 3.0-M1
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2010 19:36:42 GMT
A few people have asked about running the Apache Aries samples under 
Geronimo 3.0.  Jarek first posted about this a while ago and since then 
I created some wiki pages with the directions and even created a 
Geronimo blog entry about it (so far the only real blog entry we have - 
nudge ;-) ).  However, it seems that the directions are easily missed in 
our voluminous wiki ... so I thought I should post about it again here.

I actually created the same wiki page twice for this.  The first time 
was under our developer doc in the wiki here:
I then copied the exact same content under the 3.0 doc space after it 
was created. 

I guess I should remove the developer one but for me it's much easier to 
find (1st one under Development) than the one buried under the 3.0 
sample doc stuff.

I'll update the wiki page(s) again once our 3.0-M1 vote is complete and 
remove the requirement to build Geronimo from trunk.  If you want to try 
it out now I'd suggest using the 3.0-M1 tag (or using the server images 
up for vote) rather than trunk just because I know it works in 3.0-M1 
and I'm not sure if changes in trunk may have broken something.


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