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From Bill Stoddard <>
Subject Re: [Discussion] How to display help informations on the Console
Date Mon, 14 Jun 2010 14:29:39 GMT
On 6/14/10 10:01 AM, Donald Woods wrote:
> #1-3 are good usability improvements.
> Can we use Dojo for #4-6?  Seems hover help would be the best option, as
> adding an example beside/below every field could require a lot of screen
> area and doesn't cover the cases for links (like
> Start/Stop/Restart/Delete....).  Also, the portlet help page should
> include the same text as the hoover help (which should be the same
> resource strings), plus additional help text if needed.
> #7 requires us to stop reorganizing the User Docs and would mean we
> couldn't rename pages.  If we go this route, we should include a hidden
> comment on each doc page with a reference back to the portlet that has a
> link to it, so we know not to rename the page unless the portlet link is
> updated too.

Connecting the documentation and console will be expensive to maintain.

As a general principle, I would suggest carefully weighing the 
'opportunity cost' of adding new features to the server that require 
on-going maintenance.  Each added feature that requires on-going 
maintenance takes time away from other potentially more important work.  
Over time as more 'on-going' maintenance requirements accumulate, the 
development team spends more and more effort to just tending to the 
maintenance; less time is spent on innovation and keeping current with 
technology trends.


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