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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: [Discussion] How to display help informations on the Console
Date Mon, 14 Jun 2010 14:01:44 GMT
#1-3 are good usability improvements.

Can we use Dojo for #4-6?  Seems hover help would be the best option, as
adding an example beside/below every field could require a lot of screen
area and doesn't cover the cases for links (like
Start/Stop/Restart/Delete....).  Also, the portlet help page should
include the same text as the hoover help (which should be the same
resource strings), plus additional help text if needed.

#7 requires us to stop reorganizing the User Docs and would mean we
couldn't rename pages.  If we go this route, we should include a hidden
comment on each doc page with a reference back to the portlet that has a
link to it, so we know not to rename the page unless the portlet link is
updated too.


On 6/13/10 4:53 AM, chi runhua wrote:
> Hi devs,
> I noticed that there are 2 different styles to display help information
> on the Admin Console: 
>    a.  Using help.jsp  when coding  and you can only see it after
> clicking the question mark on the top-right corner of the portlet,
> meanwhile, you lose the focus but can come back after another click <-;
> for example EJB Server portlet 
>    b.  Put the help message on the portlet together with those fields,
> users can refer to the description and input the correct value at the
> same time, which is more clear and efficient, such as database pool
> wizard.   But if there are lots of fields on the panel, the UI could be
> a mess and overwhelming.
> What about we try to unify the style of help infos and improving it in
> the coming CE 3.0? 
> Here are a few of thoughts for discussion:
>        1.  For the fields requires user selection, they should have a
> default value ready;
>        2.  Labels must be consistent across the console;
>        3.  For each portlet, we should have a description directly on
> the top to summarize its major features;
>        4.  For the fields requires user input, an example should be
> provided right below instead of its detailed description;
>        5.  For checkboxes, we should use hover help to introduce its usage;
>        6.  For the description of each field, use help.jsp when coding,
> but we should use pop-up panel;
>        7.  Document should be connected with the console more closely,
> for example, users can refer to document about tasks related to the
> current portlet instantly instead of googling by themselves.  
> Any comments? 
> Jeff C

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