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From Donald Woods <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Time to upgrade or drop Minimal assemblies from 3.0 builds?
Date Tue, 08 Jun 2010 19:17:50 GMT
I remember we had some discussion about dropping the minimal assemblies
from the 3.0 builds awhile back, but can't find where a decision was
made, so here goes...

Option 1 - We upgrade the minimal assemblies to support EBA apps by
using the eba-* instead of wab-* plugingroups, so all of our base
assemblies supports the EBA programming environment, while still
producing an assembly which is a subset of the Java EE 6 Web Profile.

The wab-* plugingroups pull in deployers and runtime for:  Servlet 3.0,
JSP 2.2 and EL 1.2, JSF 2.0, JSTL 1.2, WAB (OSGi RFC66), and
remote/offline deploy.  Which creates a zip assembly of ~42MB.

The eba-* plugingroups pull in the wab-* plugins along with deployers
and runtime for:  Aries, JPA2, JTA 1.6, JCA 1.6, system db and TranQL
connectors.   Which creates a zip assembly of ~52MB.

Option 2 - We drop the minimal assemblies and only produce the Java EE 6
full and web profiles.  Both would still support EBA apps, but instead
of being able to download a ~52MB assembly, they would either have to
build a custom assembly or go with a larger web profile assembly that
also pulls in console, monitoring, clustering, EJB, ...

Either option, would require users wanting a "minimal" server to create
their own custom assembly which uses either the wab-* plugins or their
own subset.

For comparison data, currently the framework assembly is ~26MB, the new
javaee6-web assemblies ~65MB, and the full javaee6 assemblies ~75MB (but
both are still lacking full console, hot deploy, monitoring, ... and the
web profile is pulling in all of the EJB support instead of a subset.)


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