I am looking in a scenario of a business infrastructure where admin console is disallowed and user still want to use and watch capabilities of Geronimo monitoring portlet functionality without logging in admin console.

First step for me to achieve this is to start and stop Stat Query through a command line. So I am trying to start Snapshot (Stat. Query) in monitoring portlet of Geronimo 2.1.5 with a java program.

Through Admin console I can start it without any fail by clicking on "Enable Query". when I start it with a java program I am able to start snapshot (Stat. Query) but I am also getting following error in command prompt:

ERROR [MasterRemoteControlJMX] org.tranql.connector.jdbc.TranqlDataSource$SelfReference incompatible with javax.sql.DataSource
java.lang.ClassCastException: org.tranql.connector.jdbc.TranqlDataSource$SelfReference incompatible with javax.sql.DataSource
        at org.apache.geronimo.monitoring.MasterRemoteControlJMX.<init>(MasterRemoteControlJMX.java:110)
        at org.apache.geronimo.monitoring.snapshot.SnapshotProcessor.getMRC(SnapshotProcessor.java:148)
        at org.apache.geronimo.monitoring.snapshot.SnapshotProcessor.takeSnapshot(SnapshotProcessor.java:59)
        at org.apache.geronimo.monitoring.snapshot.SnapshotThread.run(SnapshotThread.java:103)

In my java program, I am following these steps:

1.Creating MBeanServerConnection object
MBeanServerConnection mbServerConn;   
JMXServiceURL serviceURL = new JMXServiceURL("service:jmx:rmi:///jndi/rmi://localhost/JMXConnector");
Hashtable<String, Object> env = new Hashtable<String, Object>();
String[] credentials = new String[2];
credentials[0] = "system";
credentials[1] = "manager";
env.put(JMXConnector.CREDENTIALS, credentials);     
JMXConnector connector = JMXConnectorFactory.connect(serviceURL, env);
mbServerConn = connector.getMBeanServerConnection();

2. Retrieving the mbean name to the agent-car-jmx plugin

if(PATH == null) {
Set<ObjectName> mbeanNames = mbServerConn.queryNames(new ObjectName("*:name=MasterRemoteControlJMX,*"), null);
for(Iterator<ObjectName> it = mbeanNames.iterator(); it.hasNext(); ) {
String mbeanName = ((ObjectName)it.next()).getCanonicalName();
if(mbeanName.contains("agent-car-jmx") && mbeanName.contains("MasterRemoteControlJMX") && mbeanName.contains("GBean")) {
PATH = mbeanName;
if(PATH == null) {
throw new Exception("[ERROR] Required mbean not found: agent-car-jmx");

Here I am getting mbean name as "geronimo:J2EEServer=geronimo,ServiceModule=org.apache.geronimo.plugins.monitoring/agent-car-jmx/2.1.5/car,j2eeType=GBean,name=MasterRemoteControlJMX"

3. Invoking startSnapshot

long time = 60000;
int days = 2;
mbServerConn.invoke(new ObjectName(PATH),"startSnapshot", new Object[] { time, days }, new String[] { "java.lang.Long", "java.lang.Integer" });

After invoking, I can see snapshot running but also getting ClassCastException.

I am getting SUCCESS when I use this java client with G 2.1.4 without any exception. When I checked code change in 2.1.5, I can see change in plugins/monitoring/mconsole-war/src/main/java/org/apache/geronimo/monitoring/console/MRCConnector.java.
One JIRA is there for this change "GERONIMO-4823 role-based administration capabilities" Change in MRCConnector.java is like this-

code-snippet of MRCConnector.java
 mbServerConn = ((RealMBeanServerReference)PortletManager.getKernel().getGBean("MBeanServerReference")).getMBeanServer();

I have also checked the MasterRemoteControlJMX.java where ClassCastException is coming, I can see error in "archiveDS"

code-snippet of MasterRemoteControlJMX.java
activeDS = (DataSource)ic.lookup("jca:/org.apache.geronimo.plugins/agent-ds/JCAManagedConnectionFactory/jdbc/ActiveDS");
archiveDS = (DataSource)ic.lookup("jca:/org.apache.geronimo.plugins/agent-ds/JCAManagedConnectionFactory/jdbc/ArchiveDS");

when I invoked start snapshot through my java client, For activeDS, object created is of TranqlDataSource and for archiveDS, it is of TranqlDataSource$SelfReference.

Please help me in understanding this behavior and give me some pointers to go forward in this effort. I really appreciate your help.