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From Forrest Xia <>
Subject Reenable testsuite in G 2.2 branch
Date Tue, 11 May 2010 09:40:50 GMT

I spent some time on reenabling G 2.2 branch testsuite to work. After
comparing 2.2 branch with 2.1 branch, I would propose to revert back to the
2.1 configs, that is using maven-maven-plugin to run tests in child
processes. The benefit is we can use testsuite as a unit to run children
test cases while just start/stop geronimo server instance only one time,
this will save time and disk space for testsuite execution.

Another concern is whether this change support maven-release-plugin to
update pom version when doing a new release. I think it should be doable via
-Pall-subprojects, since it is validated in 2.1.5 release.

Having "testsuite/console-testsuite/basic" as a sample, attached the
proposed pom files for review and discussion.

With this change, we can use testsuite like this:
    NOTE: Override the following on the cmdline to only run specific
          testsuite buckets.

          To run all tests against the default Jetty assembly -
            mvn clean install

          To run all tests against the pre-installed assembly -
            mvn clean install -DgeronimoHome=<Path to Geronimo Home>

          To only run one of testsuites -
            cd console-testsuite
            mvn clean install

          To only run console-testsuite/advanced -
            cd console-testsuite/advanced
            mvn clean install -Pstandalone

          To run console-testsuite/advanced against an already running
            cd console-testsuite/advanced
            mvn clean install -Pchild
            mvn integration-test -Pchild

If this is an acceptable change, I will update all testsuite poms and commit
it to 2.2 branch at jira
So let me know your thoughts about it.

BTW, I think this change could be also applicable to G 3.0 testsuite.


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