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From Jarek Gawor <>
Subject Re: Runtime entity enhancement for OSGi applications
Date Wed, 19 May 2010 03:21:06 GMT
Sorry, if this wasn't clear. This is for OSGi based JPA applications
not regular Java EE applications.


On Tue, May 18, 2010 at 11:11 PM, Ivan <> wrote:
> If we know what classes are required, I am thinking we should be able add
> them while deploying the module. In the persistenceUnitBuilder, just add
> those packages in the Environment variable ?
> 2010/5/19 Jarek Gawor <>
>> Hi all,
>> I was looking into getting the runtime JPA entity enhancement for OSGi
>> applications working in Geronimo. With some modifications to the Aries
>> JPA code and some to Geronimo I was able to get runtime enhancement
>> working (using the java agent approach) but with one major issue: The
>> bundle that contains the persistence unit must be able to load some
>> persistence provider specific (in our case openjpa) classes. That's
>> because during the bytecode weaving, openjpa adds some openjpa
>> specific interfaces to the entity classes. So how should we deal with
>> this issue in Geronimo?
>> 1) We could do nothing and just say we don't support runtime enhancement.
>> 2) We could support runtime enhancement and require that bundles with
>> PU have DynamicImport-Package: * header.
>> 3) Use framework "classloader hooks" to dynamically add imports for
>> the persistence provider specific packages to the bundles with PU .
>> That of course, would rely on framework specific extensions. I know
>> Equinox has such hooks and I think recently something similar was
>> added to Felix.
>> 4) Provide some url handler, e.g. "jpa" which would enhance the entity
>> classes and add right imports during the install. Something similar to
>> the "webbundle" url handler for web application archives. Of course,
>> we would have to make sure the bundles with PU get installed via the
>> url handler.
>> 5) Have some kind of an extender that would generate a fragment bundle
>> (with right persistence provider imports) and attach it to the bundle
>> with PU. Or something similar that would require manifest modification
>> or generation of additional bundle.
>> Thoughts?
>> Jarek
> --
> Ivan

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