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From Ivan <>
Subject Re: Geronimo 3.0 plugins that are not currently included in the build.
Date Tue, 11 May 2010 00:17:01 GMT
IIRC, procrun is provided as an extra plugin in the past versions.
remote-deploy is a web application to accept the file uploading for remote
deploy, this could be included.

2010/5/11 Rick McGuire <>

> I did a pass through all of the plugins that are currently disabled from
> the build.  That set currently consists of:
>        <!--<module>axis</module>-->
>        <!--<module>debugviews</module>-->
>        <!--<module>openwebbeans</module>-->
>        <!--<module>plancreator</module>-->
>        <!--<module>ca-helper</module>-->
>        <!--<module>mejb</module>-->
>        <!--<module>monitoring</module>-->
>        <!--<module>remote-deploy</module>-->
>        <!--<module>sharedlib</module>-->
>        <!--<module>procrun</module>-->
> Out of this list, only procrun and remote-deploy currently build cleanly.
>  I have no idea if they are actually functional, since I'm not familiar with
> what these actually do enough to verify.  Of the rest, they look like they
> will require a bit of work to fix up.  I'll plan on removing those plugins
> that don't build successfully from the the release branch once it is
> created.  Any opinions on procrun and remote-deploy?
> Rick


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