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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: The 3.0-M1 release notes need some attention.
Date Wed, 26 May 2010 20:22:43 GMT

On 5/26/10 11:32 AM, Rick McGuire wrote:
> I've done a quick pass through the 3.0-M1 release notes, but I need a
> little help to get this updated for creating a release candidate.  This
> is the first time I've done of these, so I have a few questions on how
> this gets pulled together.
> 1)  The version in here is listed as @VERSION@.  Is that something the
> release plugin updates automatically when the release is prepared or
> does this require a manual search-and-replace operation?  I notice that
> the 2.2 version of this still says @VERSION@.  Was that just an
> oversite, or is that convention.

The Eclipse plugin build does something like this, but with
${pom.version} instead -

> 2)  Are there tools (or standard Jira searches) available for generating
> the various lists of issues included in the release notes?
  Release Notes
      cut-n-paste section is at the bottom -

For OpenJPA, we created releases for each milestone and beta, so we
could correctly group the jiras per release.  If you wanted to do that
for Geronimo, you'd have to create a 3.0-M1 and then bulk edit all
issues that have a Fix Version of 3.0 (and resolved or closed) and
change it to 3.0-M1.

> 3)  What enhancements should we be listing here?  I took a quick first
> pass, but please make additions/corrections to the list I've put
> together.  I know there are some things missing like the Global JNDI
> enhancements and the Datasource resource bindings and I suspect the
> Aries feature list is incomplete.  Please help me fill this out.

Well, I wouldn't say the following until we pass the TCKs -

All programming elements of the Java EE 6.0 Specification are available.

I know the BVAL plugin that David J. was working on is not in the M1
branch.  Also, not sure if we've updated our JSF 2.2 support to include
the BVAL support....

> 4)  What should we list for supported features?  The wording currently
> there is definitely wrong.  How should we phrase this?

I would only list what we want users to focus on and try -
web apps - servlet 3.0, jsf 2.2, jsp
wab - rfc66 apps
eba - osgi/aries based apps (blueprint, jpa, transaction, jndi, ...)

Secondary focus - traditional Java EE apps -
jpa 2.0?
how much of EJB 3.1?
activemq 5.3.2
connector 1.6?

> 5)  There are obviously lots of limitations here.  What should we be
> listing?

Just a big disclaimer that this is a milestone release and should only
be used for learning about the upcoming Geronimo 3.0 release with Java
EE 6 and OSGi/Aries support and not for any type of production usage...

> Rick

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