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From Rick McGuire <>
Subject The 3.0-M1 release notes need some attention.
Date Wed, 26 May 2010 15:32:21 GMT
I've done a quick pass through the 3.0-M1 release notes, but I need a 
little help to get this updated for creating a release candidate.  This 
is the first time I've done of these, so I have a few questions on how 
this gets pulled together.

1)  The version in here is listed as @VERSION@.  Is that something the 
release plugin updates automatically when the release is prepared or 
does this require a manual search-and-replace operation?  I notice that 
the 2.2 version of this still says @VERSION@.  Was that just an 
oversite, or is that convention.

2)  Are there tools (or standard Jira searches) available for generating 
the various lists of issues included in the release notes?

3)  What enhancements should we be listing here?  I took a quick first 
pass, but please make additions/corrections to the list I've put 
together.  I know there are some things missing like the Global JNDI 
enhancements and the Datasource resource bindings and I suspect the 
Aries feature list is incomplete.  Please help me fill this out.

4)  What should we list for supported features?  The wording currently 
there is definitely wrong.  How should we phrase this?

5)  There are obviously lots of limitations here.  What should we be 


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