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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: OSGi version for Geronimo packages
Date Thu, 06 May 2010 14:46:16 GMT

I was actually leaning toward #2 or even #1.  The benefit of #2 is that 
the final version is what you would normally expect and is consistent 
with other projects.

I can certainly see the value in #3 - especially if we release multiple 
milestones.  It makes it much easier to understand the version involved 
if there is a problem.  But I don't like the lasting implications for 
our official released version.


On 5/6/10 12:21 AM, Jarek Gawor wrote:
> Hi,
> Before the milestone release we might have to figure out what osgi
> version (if any) the Geronimo packages should be exported at. I can
> think of a few possibilities:
> 1) No version exported for milestone releases. In the final release
> everything would be exported with "3.0.0" version.
> 2) Use version "3.0.0" for milestones and final release. Milestones
> are milestones and should not be used once the final is out.
> 3) Add some qualifier to the osgi version for milestone and final
> releases. We just need to be careful to pick the right qualifiers so
> that osgi resolves to the latest version. For example for milestones
> we could assign "3.0.0.M1" or "3.0.0.M2" but for the final we would
> have to assign "" or some other qualifier that is greater
> then 'Mx' using String.compareTo() rules.
> Thoughts or any other possibilities? I like #3 (or some version of it)
> but I'm also ok with #2.
> Jarek

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