Hi All

In a large enterprise where App's are deployed on a number of Geronimo servers, we are facing some issues while redeploying the dependencies. Here is the outline of the issue being faced:

When one of its dependencies is being redeployed, a running application is stopped. In config.xml too, load attribute is set to false. Let's take an example, Application A is depending on dbpool B. While you redeploy B, Geronimo will stop A and redeploy dbpool B but it will not restart A. We have to manually start the app by using the deploy script with the start command or set load to true in config.xml and restart the server.

As per standard design of application life-cycle in Geronimo, when we redeploy the dependency of an application, it will unload the application first and redeploy the dependencies, it will  keep load="false" to app module in config.xml. But as per our requirement, we need to keep applications loaded in an executable state even when its dependencies are being redeployed. Is it feasible to do in Geronimo? Please comment.