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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Update on 3.0 M1 Release work items
Date Tue, 27 Apr 2010 00:37:59 GMT
I wasn't planning to look into the felix dependencies, but I can if no one else wants to. 
It will be a couple of days...

I don't think we can use the last released jdt-core at least not without some pain.

The juddi release we are using is not currently a problem - uddi doesn't work now and will
need a lot of work, but it does compile ok.

david jencks

On Apr 26, 2010, at 5:28 PM, Rick McGuire wrote:

> Just wanted to pull the status of these items together so we know where things stand
and what's being worked on by who.
> 1) Get the specs released (up for vote now) -- Vote concluded today, specs promoted to
releases, and trunk updated to new version numbers.
> 2) Release the various Geronimo subprojects the server is dependent upon
>    - Geronimo bundles (I'm currently moving those out of the server build and getting
the license issues sorted out)  -- Move completed and the bundles are currently up for a release
vote.  Please look at this and vote as soon as possible.
>    - XBeans blueprint  -- Waiting on the pending Aries release vote
>    - yoko  -- Currently up for a release vote.
>    - The components components (transaction manager, connector, jaspi)  David Jencks
reviewing, should be up for a vote soon.
>    - The xmlbeans schema components  -- Should be ready to release.  Need a volunteer
to put these up for a vote.
>    - Our version of tomcat in the external release -- Ivan updating external to new release.
 Still needs a release vote.
> 3) Sort out how to deal with our current snapshot dependencies.  This includes (but not
limited to):
>    - openejb   David Blevins will provide with a version-pinned build as soon as we decide
we're finished making updates.
>    - activemq -- David Jencks just started a vote for a 5.3.2 activemq release with some
patches for Geronimo.
>    - aries (currently up for release vote)
>    - pax-logging
>    - some servicemix bundles -- Only one currently, the jdt-core bundle  Email sent to
Guillaume Nodet requesting this version be released.  I will explore whether we can use the
currently released version.
>    - myfaces -- Done, updated to the 2.0.0 release.
>    - felix bundlerepository   David Jencks working on switching to last release build
>    - felix karaf  -- Ditto
>    - juddi -- updated to release version, but server has problems starting when enabled.
 Is this considered to be an issue?  I suspect it is not.
>    - tranql-connector -- David Jencks working on a release vote.
>    - openwebbeans (recently added to the build)
> Rick

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