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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Geronimo Blog
Date Thu, 29 Apr 2010 20:06:42 GMT
Did you know that we have a Geronimo Blog?  Well, we do.  Kevan created 
it a few months back and authorized those people that expressed interest 
at the time.  That included me but I didn't even think about it again 
until yesterday when I discovered that nobody had yet posted at all. 
So ... I had the privilege to be the first person.

I created just an initial Welcome post along with my thoughts about the 
purpose of the Blog and a hint of what I really wanted to post about 
(more on that later).  I sort of felt that some introduction was 
necessary before posting any real content.  I also just added a link to 
the blog on our web site under "Community".  Since it might take a while 
to sync you can find the blog here:

As I mentioned in the initial post, I hope that we can use this blog to 
highlight new features, upcoming events, whatever people may find 
interesting or informative  .... basically things that might be too 
easily lost in the volume of information on the mailing lists or wiki 
and that we want to call out in a special way.

We might choose to come up with some guidelines or procedures for 
posting or we might just leave it open.  Thoughts?  I believe that Kevan 
is currently an admin and can add those interested in posting if you 
didn't express interest earlier.


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