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From Donald Woods <>
Subject [VOTE] Release OpenJPA-2.0.0 Plugins for Geronimo 2.2-2.2.1 servers
Date Fri, 23 Apr 2010 20:17:59 GMT
I've created a release candidate of a set of plugins that can be
used to upgrade an existing Geronimo 2.2 or 2.2.1-SNAPSHOT server from
OpenJPA 1.x to the new OpenJPA 2.0.0 release, so users can start
experimenting with a JPA 2.0 certified codebase.

You can install the plugins by using the console Plugin portlet and
Updating the existing plugin repos to see the g.a.o/plugins/openjpa2 or
you can try using the following mirror catalog site:

Staging repo:

Source tag:

Source tar/zips:

For plugin installation instructions, see:
Note: There are 2 plugins at version 2.2 to install (openjpa2 and
persistence-deployer-jpa20.)  You will need to restart your server
before running or deploying apps that need JPA2 so the artifactAlias
entries will take affect and replace already loaded OpenJPA 1.x and spec
The latest version of Daytrader 2.2-SNAPSHOT that can be used for
testing can be installed as a plugin from the normal plugin repos.

Vote will be open for 72 hours.

[ ] +1  approve
[ ] +0  no opinion
[ ] -1  disapprove (and reason why)


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