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From Rick McGuire <>
Subject Legal files in org.apache.gernimo.bundles jars
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2010 16:01:06 GMT
I've been working on moving the org.apache.geronimo.bundles components 
out of the server tree into its own top-level project so these bundles 
can be released separately.  The working copy can be found here:

One issue is how the legal files need to be handled.  Since these 
bundles contain code developed under other licenses, that information 
needs to be noted in these jars.  In addition, the release plugin is 
gives an error on these components because the source artifact does not 
contain legal files.

I've taken a first pass at fixing this for two of the components, 
asm-3.1 and jaxb-impl.  Here are the steps I've taken:

1)  Added a NOTICE and LICENSE file to root of the subproject.  This 
solved the problem of release plugin error.
2)  Added src/main/appended-resources/META-INF/LICENSE.vm and NOTICE.vm 
files to the subproject.  These files get appended to the standard 
apache license files and will contain the LICENSE and NOTICE information 
for the source jar.  The NOTICE and LICENSE files used in the assembly 
boilerplate is used as the source of the information when possible.  All 
jars will have a LICENSE.vm file, but not all need to have a NOTICE.vm.  
The asm-3.1 does not require the NOTICE, jaxb-impl does (which I why I 
chose these for the initial work).

I believe this will satisfy our requirements for redistributing these 
jars, but I'd like some feedback on whether these two are correct before 
I make the changes to all of the subproject.


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