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From Rick McGuire <>
Subject Are the specs ready to go up for a release vote?
Date Mon, 12 Apr 2010 17:30:17 GMT
If we wish to release a milestone soon, we need to start getting the 
different subcomponents released fairly quickly.  Here are the things I 
believe we need to have release votes on:

1)  New spec components.  These need to be done first, and should 
probably done as a single vote rather than trying to schedule a vote for 
each of the jars.
2)  New javamail jar (should probably done concurrently with the 
javamail spec).
3)  New xmlbeans schema jar releases (java ee 1.4, java ee 5, and java 
ee 6 versions)
4)  New components jars
5)  New yoko jars
6)  New tomcat ext jars

For 1), I think these are ready to go.  I believe the issue of the 
package exports has been resolved as far as it can be for the 3.1 M1 
release.  The jpa and servlet specs will be exporting dual version 
levels because the need to line up with different implementations that 
are not conforming to the OSGi specs yet.  This seems like a workable 
solution, at least for the short term.  I believe all of our specs are 
currently passing the signature tests, so they look clean there.  If I 
don't hear any objections, I'll start staging these for release tomorrow 

The one spec there might be a concern about is the ccpp spec jar.  This 
is used in the pluto support currently, but we don't currently have a 
TCK to validate this one.  I need some opinions on how to proceed with 
that jar.  For now, I'll not be submitting this one for a vote with the 
rest of the specs.

What state are the rest of these in?  I suspect yoko is not stable 
enough currently since David Jencks is currently working on getting the 
Corba support working.  We might want to delay the tomcat external 
release as long as we can in case we require some patches.  "As long as 
we can" is probably not more than a week.  The xmlbeans schema jars are 
probably pretty stable and capable of being released now.

Are the components in any shape that release votes can be started?  Here 
are the components we need to release:

- geronimo-connector
- geronmo-transaction
- geronimo-jaspi

This will need to be handled fairly soon too.


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