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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: Spec release numbers
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2010 14:34:37 GMT
Should we do like the server releases?
The first new major release uses 2 digits and any follow-on maintenance
releases introduce the third digit, like -
  2.1, then 2.1.1, 2.1.2, 2.1.3, ....

Bigger question, is what does OSGi want?  When we set version ranges
like [1.0,2.0) does having 1.0 vs. 1.0.1 artifacts matter?


On 4/6/10 10:05 AM, Rick McGuire wrote:
> I've been going through and doing some release dry runs on the spec
> projects, and I've noticed that there is an inconsistency with the
> release numbering.  Some of the projects use a two level release number
> (e.g., 1.0), while others use a three level numbering system (e.g.,
> 1.0.0).  It would be nice to make these consistent, and since we're
> going to be releasing most of these shortly, now seems like a good time
> to do this.
> So, the question I have is which system should we use?  Many projects
> use a 3-level system, but in the case of the specs, I don't believe we
> ever really use the middle digit when 3 levels are used.  That generally
> would only occur when there are functional enhancements to the spec,
> which generally results in a new subproject getting created to reflect
> the spec number change.
> So, should we:
> [] Convert everything to two-digits
> [] Convert everything to three-digits
> [] Leave things the way they are
> If the consensus is we're fine the way we are, then the next question is
> whether we should be using two or three digits for newly created spec
> projects.
> Rick

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