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From Rick McGuire <>
Subject Spec release numbers
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2010 14:05:37 GMT
I've been going through and doing some release dry runs on the spec 
projects, and I've noticed that there is an inconsistency with the 
release numbering.  Some of the projects use a two level release number 
(e.g., 1.0), while others use a three level numbering system (e.g., 
1.0.0).  It would be nice to make these consistent, and since we're 
going to be releasing most of these shortly, now seems like a good time 
to do this.

So, the question I have is which system should we use?  Many projects 
use a 3-level system, but in the case of the specs, I don't believe we 
ever really use the middle digit when 3 levels are used.  That generally 
would only occur when there are functional enhancements to the spec, 
which generally results in a new subproject getting created to reflect 
the spec number change.

So, should we:

[] Convert everything to two-digits
[] Convert everything to three-digits
[] Leave things the way they are

If the consensus is we're fine the way we are, then the next question is 
whether we should be using two or three digits for newly created spec 


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