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From Rick McGuire <>
Subject components dependencies
Date Mon, 05 Apr 2010 13:06:35 GMT
This is sort of related to the earlier email I sent out about the 
snapshot dependencies.  In looking at the dependencies of the 
subprojects in the geronimo components tree, I find what appear to be a 
few problems we should probably correct:

geronimo-schema-javaee_6:  This is ok as it stands, but should we move 
the latest verions of the java 1.4 and java 5 schemas into the 
components tree rather than leaving them in the restricted TCK tree?

geronimo-jaspi:  This is building with the 2.1 version of the jaxb specs 
and the older release of the stax api spec.  It also has dependencies on 
non-bundle versions of sxc-jaxb, woodstox, and the jaxb-impl.  The 
jaxb-impl is also at the 2.1.7 level rather than the 2.2 level used by 
the server.  This is a fairly simple update, but would have dependencies 
on geronimo bundles components, which really suggests those should be 
moved out of the server tree as separately buildable components.  I 
suspect it would make the bootstrapping process easier if they could be 
handled that way.  On the downside, this creates another level of 
release artifacts that require voting and a release process.

   geronimo-jaspi-openid:  Building with the older version of the jaspic 
spec jar and servlet 2.5 spec.  Should this be using the java ee 6 api 
versions?  This is also using the 1.0-SNAPSHOT version of the 
geronimo-jaspic build, rather than the current 1.1-SNAPSHOT version.

geronimo-connector/geronimo-transaction:  The connector 1.6 spec version 
is the 1.0-EA-SNAPSHOT.  This should be updated to the latest spec 

Thoughts on updating this?  The issue of the use of the geronimo bundles 
probably needs to be resolved ASAP so we can get release votes out for 
those components in the very near future.


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