I tried latest GEP 2.2 from http://apache.org/dist/geronimo/eclipse/updates with eclipse 3.5.2, everything goes well. I guess you installed an old version of eclipse.

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Dear Delos,

I have the impression, that GEP is very sensitive regarding Eclipse and WTP version numbers. I have always had the problem that after upgrading I was no longer able to install the GEP plugin. Currently the plugin from http://apache.org/dist/geronimo/eclipse/updates/ can not be installed on Eclipse 3.5.2 because it says "Missing requirement: Geronimo Core Feature 2.1.1 (org.apache.geronimo.feature.feature.group 2.1.1) requires 'org.eclipse.jst.feature.group [2.0.0,3.0.0)' but it could not be found"

I fully agree with you, that the best thing would be to support multiple Eclipse versions with one GEP plugin, currently I know, that the plugin is running on Eclipse 3.5 and 3.5-SR1 but not on it's SR2 release. I haven't tried with 3.4 versions.

The plugin is somewhere in the middle of Geronimo and Eclipse, so if different Eclipse versions are supported, it could be useful to publish minor releases (like which fixes some issues like supporting newer Eclipse versions, even when the next Geronimo version is still some time ahead.

Best regards,

Am 02.03.2010 04:05, schrieb Delos:
> hi Johannes,
> Thanks for your attention! But I don't think it's a good idea to keep a
> separated version for GEP. Here are my thoughts. Hopefully, other people
> may also share their point of view about this to improve GEP.
> GEP is a sub-project of Geronimo. So it's reasonable for GEP version to
> keep consistent with Geronimo server.
> Eclipse is used as a dependency in GEP build process.Eclipse itself has
> a new release every year. We certainly need to support the latest
> eclipse. But that doesn't mean we drop the support for old eclipse.
> Normally, GEP is back compatible, unless any used eclipse API changed.
> If the change happens, user may install old GEP accordingly. I think
> it's also reasonable for a eclipse plugin.


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