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From Delos <>
Subject Re: Eclipse plugin-versions
Date Tue, 02 Mar 2010 03:05:20 GMT
hi Johannes´╝î

Thanks for your attention! But I don't think it's a good idea to keep a
separated version for GEP. Here are my thoughts. Hopefully, other people may
also share their point of view about this to improve GEP.

GEP is a sub-project of Geronimo. So it's reasonable for GEP version to keep
consistent with Geronimo server.

Eclipse is used as a dependency in GEP build process.Eclipse itself has a
new release every year. We certainly need to support the latest eclipse. But
that doesn't mean we drop the support for old eclipse. Normally, GEP is back
compatible, unless any used eclipse API changed. If the change happens, user
may install old GEP accordingly. I think it's also reasonable for a eclipse

2010/3/1 <>

> Dear Delos,
> dear all!
> As usual, I'm trying to compile a GEP version for the latest version of
> Eclipse; currently the 2.2.1 branch does not compile.
> **
> Starting with 2.2 release, GEP supports all recent versions of Geronimo.
> I'm wondering, whether the GEP plugin-releases should be coupled to the
> Eclipse versions instead of keeping the Geronimo-numberings. At the moment
> we have to wait for a new GEP release until the next Geronimo version is
> released.
> It would be nice, if GEP-versions would be numbered using the scheme
> "ECLIPSE-NUMBER.PLUGIN-RELEASE". I imagine in this case different versions
> of the plug-in could be released at the same time supporting different
> Eclipse versions. That would ease the life of developers who might be forced
> to use a specific Eclipse version. It would also make it possible to release
> updates to the plugin more frequently without having to wait for stable
> Geronimo versions. Stable plugin-versions could (in my opionion) also
> include support for the current, unstable, Geronimo releases.
> In any case, I do not know how much work this change would consume and if
> it's a good idea at all.
> Best regards,
> Johannes
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Best Regards,


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