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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSSION] Release GEP more frequently
Date Wed, 03 Mar 2010 14:00:28 GMT
Adding a forth digit is an option, but not sure if that is an Eclipse
best practice unless it as a _vDate (maybe Tim would have some
background knowledge of this, as it seems we discussed doing this
several years ago....)

For OpenJPA, we had an Eclipse plugin contributed to us, which uses a
new Maven 3.0-alpha-6 and Tycho plugin to build an Eclipse
plugin/feature without all of the hacks we use for GEP.  The only
downside right now, is that Maven 3.0 hasn't been released yet and Tycho
is still under development (and only works on Windows right now), but it
might be something to consider for GEP 3.0, as it runs builds based on
the normal Eclipse .project/.classpath settings (with minimal pom.xml
content) and creates normal PDE artifacts with version+date, like -
which would allow you to keep the first 3 digits tied to the server release.

Source can be found at -


On 3/3/10 12:58 AM, Delos wrote:
> Hi all,
> Johannes suggested that GEP make release more frequently. The reason is
> user may get new fixes earlier, instead of waiting for next release
> together with Geronimo server. In this way, it will be more convenient
> for GEP to provide new improvement, such as support for eclipse of
> latest version. To support it, the version number of GEP has to be
> redesigned.
> We need to add qualifier segment to the version number, such as,
> and Then, for each release of Geronimo server, GEP
> version will contains server version number as prefix and qualifier
> segment as 0. For GEP release in future, the qualifier of its version
> number will increase by 1 until server announce a new release. For
> example, for Geronimo server 2.2.0, GEP version will be; if GEP
> has to announce a new release after that,  its version will be
> In general, GEP version will evolve as below
> 1) Version number of GEP will contain four digitals
> 2) If there is a G server release, GEP will announce a new release for
> it. GEP version number is three digitals of server version number
> suffixed with .0
> 3) GEP may have several maintenance releases. Only last digital increase
> by 1 for maintenance releases version number.
> Johannes, please correct me, if there is any mistake in my description.
> Could you express your attitude toward Johannes' suggestion?
> Thanks!
> 在 2010年3月2日 下午7:43,
> <> <
> <>>写道:
>     Dear Delos,
>     I have the impression, that GEP is very sensitive regarding Eclipse
>     and WTP version numbers. I have always had the problem that after
>     upgrading I was no longer able to install the GEP plugin. Currently
>     the plugin from can
>     not be installed on Eclipse 3.5.2 because it says "Missing
>     requirement: Geronimo Core Feature 2.1.1
>     ( 2.1.1) requires
>     ' [2.0.0,3.0.0)' but it could not be found"
>     I fully agree with you, that the best thing would be to support
>     multiple Eclipse versions with one GEP plugin, currently I know,
>     that the plugin is running on Eclipse 3.5 and 3.5-SR1 but not on
>     it's SR2 release. I haven't tried with 3.4 versions.
>     The plugin is somewhere in the middle of Geronimo and Eclipse, so if
>     different Eclipse versions are supported, it could be useful to
>     publish minor releases (like which fixes some issues like
>     supporting newer Eclipse versions, even when the next Geronimo
>     version is still some time ahead.
>     Best regards,
>     Johannes
>     Am 02.03.2010 04:05, schrieb Delos:
>     > hi Johannes,
>     >
>     > Thanks for your attention! But I don't think it's a good idea to
>     keep a
>     > separated version for GEP. Here are my thoughts. Hopefully, other
>     people
>     > may also share their point of view about this to improve GEP.
>     >
>     > GEP is a sub-project of Geronimo. So it's reasonable for GEP
>     version to
>     > keep consistent with Geronimo server.
>     >
>     > Eclipse is used as a dependency in GEP build process.Eclipse
>     itself has
>     > a new release every year. We certainly need to support the latest
>     > eclipse. But that doesn't mean we drop the support for old eclipse.
>     > Normally, GEP is back compatible, unless any used eclipse API changed.
>     > If the change happens, user may install old GEP accordingly. I think
>     > it's also reasonable for a eclipse plugin.
>     >
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>     |  information technologies    |
>     |  Austria, 1080 Wien, Blindengasse 52/3
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> Best Regards,
> Delos

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