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From "" <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSSION] Release GEP more frequently
Date Wed, 03 Mar 2010 07:56:03 GMT
Hello Delos,

that's exactly what I meant. Thank you for bringing it into discussion!


Am 03.03.2010 06:58, schrieb Delos:
> Hi all,
> Johannes suggested that GEP make release more frequently. The reason is 
> user may get new fixes earlier, instead of waiting for next release 
> together with Geronimo server. In this way, it will be more convenient 
> for GEP to provide new improvement, such as support for eclipse of 
> latest version. To support it, the version number of GEP has to be 
> redesigned.
> We need to add qualifier segment to the version number, such as, 
> and Then, for each release of Geronimo server, GEP 
> version will contains server version number as prefix and qualifier 
> segment as 0. For GEP release in future, the qualifier of its version 
> number will increase by 1 until server announce a new release. For 
> example, for Geronimo server 2.2.0, GEP version will be; if GEP 
> has to announce a new release after that, its version will be
> In general, GEP version will evolve as below
> 1) Version number of GEP will contain four digitals
> 2) If there is a G server release, GEP will announce a new release for 
> it. GEP version number is three digitals of server version number 
> suffixed with .0
> 3) GEP may have several maintenance releases. Only last digital increase 
> by 1 for maintenance releases version number.
> Johannes, please correct me, if there is any mistake in my description.
> Could you express your attitude toward Johannes' suggestion?
> Thanks!

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