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From Ivan <>
Subject The way to scan annotation in Geronimo 3.0
Date Wed, 17 Mar 2010 14:02:31 GMT
   While working on Servlet 3.0, it is required to scan WebServlet
annotations in the specified jar file. In the past, we could use the
classfinder with a temp url classloader, while in the new OSGI environment,
there is a BundleClassFinder is added in the framework. But I could not
configure it to only scan the specific parts of the bundle. I am thinking we
might need to introduce some more functions to it :
   a. Something like DiscoveryPolicy, with it, we could ask the
BundleClassFinder to scan parts of the bundle file according to the url,
like web-inf/a.jar. Or only scan the classes in the bundle classpath.
   b. Use ASM as much as possible, currently, seems that BundleClassFinder
may load all the classes in the scanning process. It might be performance
issue in the runtime.
   Any comment ?

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