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From boes <>
Subject Publish with GEP takes minutes, while deploy takes 10 seconds
Date Mon, 29 Mar 2010 21:28:11 GMT


I have an Enterprise Application (EAR) that I develop in Eclipse
(galileo-SR1). When I publish my EAR to the started local Geronimo V2.1.4
server, it takes more then 3 minutes to finish. I use GEP version 2.2.
During the process 1 CPU is constantly running at 100%, so it looks like the
system is very busy. The status bar shows 'Publishing to Apache Geronimo
V2.1 at localhost (0%)' and it stays on 0% almost to the end of the
publishing process.

When I export the application as an .ear file to the file system and then
deploy the application to the same Geronimo server using the Geronimo
console, I found that writing the EAR to the filesystem takes 2 seconds to
complete, and the deployment of the EAR to Geronimo takes about 8 seconds.

My EAR consists of 8 web applications (WAR) and one utility project (JAR).
Deployment to the production environment also takes less then 10 seconds.
The application itself is extensively used and stable.

Is there a logical reason why publishing takes much more time then
deployment? Are they two different things that can't be compared?

I tried to get some more info on what the publishing process is actually
doing in those three minutes. In the server settings in Eclipse I set the
console output to 'Debug', but I did not get any output from GEP. Is there
an option to make GEP verbose and let it print what it is doing?

I found that adding dependencies to a project slows down the publishing
process. I started with a new EAR project with one WAR, which had only one
html page. It takes a second to publish this EAR to Geronimo. Then I
extended the geronimo-application.xml deployment despriptor by adding some
dependencies to existing libraries in the Geronimo repository. This
increases the publish time to 30 seconds. How can that be explained?

Is there any more info on GEP? What is it doing when it publishes an EAR to
Geronimo? What can I do to speed up publishing?

Thanks for any help and information on this subject.


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