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And I plan to modify the 2.1.5 to base on the genesis 2.0. Forrest and I both tried locally and it passed successfully. Any objections?

IMO you need to also port the "all-subprojects" profile from 2.2 to 2.1.x, and the deploy plugin overrides preventing deploying stuff that shouldn't be part of the release (such as IT assemblies and probably all of testsuite).  If you don't do this there will be a lot of projects with the wrong version number in the svn tag.

After release:prepare the tag should not have any modules with the old version.  I checked with something like

find . -name pom.xml |xargs grep 2.2-SNAPSHOT

good luck... this took a while to get right on 2.2, hopefully having a working solution to look at will make it go faster on 2.1.

david jencks

And how to tell the daily build to use Maven 2.2.1 for 2.1.5?


2010/2/2 Donald Woods <dwoods@apache.org>
Agree that we need to release a 2.1.5.

We need to upgrade to the latest Tomcat build used in 2.2.0 in
our external component as a start, but then we need to upgrade that
component (and 2.2.x) to use the latest 6.0.24 release.

Also, we need to review all dependencies that we include in the
assemblies and upgrade any which have newer releases available which
contain security fixes.  This is always tricky, as we ran into junit
failures and TCK failures when trying to upgrade some components in
2.1.4 (like Jetty)....


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> [DISCUSS] Prepare Geronimo 2.1.5 release?
> Hi,
> We've had 80 more important fixes since 2.1.4 release and should get
> them out to our users.
> So I think we can start a new release from 2.1 branch.
> If no one volunteer, I would also like to be a release manager for
> 2.1.5 release.
> Since branch 2.1.x does not have genesis 2.x parent, shall I still be
> according to the old release process?
> There are still a few jiras that we need to deal with before we can go
> ahead with the release.
> Please get them from the bottom of
> http://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/GMOxPMGT/Geronimo+2.1.5+Release+Status
> page
> And I just made some categories and recorded the status on the jiras
> as follows, Any comments on this?
> 1. Informix tranql ra
> stuffs------------------------------------------------------
> (1) patch available, need verify
>   GERONIMO-5055     Informix tranql XA 1.2 snapshot leads to weird
> admin console
>                           Ashish Jain     Ashish Jain
> (2) patch commintted to tranql trunk, need update geronimo pom to
> reference 1.2-SNAPSHOT?
>   GERONIMO-5044     Prepared Statement Cache to be made available in
> Informix XA tranql RA
>                 Ashish Jain     Ashish Jain
>   GERONIMO-5043     Informix IFX_XASPEC property to be made available
> to set through Administrative Console
>        Unassigned     Ashish Jain
>   GERONIMO-5039     Informix Lock Mode Wait property
>                                 Unassigned     Ashish Jain
> (3) should be easy to update.
>   GERONIMO-4929     Upgrade to latest tranql wrappers
>                                   David Jencks     David Jencks
> 2. New feature and improvements
> -------------------------------------------------------
> (1) patch available, need verify
>   GERONIMO-5027     Redeploy option for farming
>                                     Ashish Jain     Ashish Jain
> (2) No patch
>   GERONIMO-5002     Attribute clusterName required in
> config-substitution.properties for geronoimo 2.1.5
>                               Unassigned     Ashish Jain
> (3) fixes has been in 2.2, won't fix this in 2.1?
>   GERONIMO-4940     CLONE -Tomcat Clustering with WADI - JSESSIONID
> with jvmRoute to support mod_jk routing (G. 2.1.5)
> Gianny Damour     Gianny Damour
> 3. Bugs -------------------------------------------------------
> (1) Patch available, need verify
>   GERONIMO-4983     In debug mode Properties file login module reurns
> loginsucceeded as true for non existent users and null password
> Ashish Jain     Ashish Jain
>   GERONIMO-4896     Commands to a Secure JMX Connector require the SSL
> keyStorePassword to be specified on command line              Ashish
> Jain     Kevan Miller
>   GERONIMO-4892     Farm Deployment Error if deploy more than one
> applications
>                           Ashish Jain     viola.lu
> (2) No patch
>   GERONIMO-4959     Remote Deploy Broken on Jetty
>                                 Unassigned     Kevan Miller
> 3. Can be close or defer -------------------------------------------------------
> (1) can not reproduce, will close
>   GERONIMO-4718     Keystores portlet: Once unlocked for availability,
> keystore can not be locked
>                 Unassigned     Vamsavardhana Reddy
> (2) will defer to 2.1.6-SNAPSHOT if no updates
>   GERONIMO-4932     Initial Japanese translation
>                                        Kan Ogawa     Kan Ogawa
>   GERONIMO-4688     hardcode port in plan.xml of plugin farming.
>                               Shawn Jiang     Shawn Jiang
>   GERONIMO-4624     Improve deployment plan documentation
>                             Unassigned     Kevan Miller
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